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Our independent, locally owned terminals are located close to Routes 90, 91 and 291 giving Springfield Terminals customers the ability to access supply conveniently, whenever they need to.

Flagship Terminal
1053 Page Boulevard, Springfield

Our flagship terminal at 1053 Page Blvd in Springfield dispenses #2 Heating Oil, Premium Heating Oil and Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene. Approved customers can access fuel using an automated loading system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The terminal also houses our main office – open weekdays 7:30 to 5:00 and Saturdays during the heating season.

Bay 1, Pump 1:  #2 Heating Oil
Bay 2, Pump 2:  #2 Heating Oil
Bay 3, Pump 3:  #2 Heating Oil
Bay 3, Pump 6:  Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene
Bay 4, Pump 4:  #2 Heating Oil
Bay 4, Pump 7:  Premium #2 Heating Oil
Bay 5, Pump 5:  #2 Heating Oil (Bottom load)
Bay 5, Pump 8:  Premium #2 Heating Oil (Bottom load)


1095 Page Boulevard, Springfield

Located at 1095 Page Blvd in Springfield, the STI diesel terminal is fully automated allowing our customers to access Plain and Premium Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – clear or dyed – whenever they need to.

Bay 1, Pump 1:  Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Bay 1, Pump 4:  Premium Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Bay 2, Pump 2:  Clear Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Bay 2, Pump 5:  Premium Clear Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Bay 3, Pump 3:  Clear Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel


Foundry Street, Palmer

For the convenience of our Central Massachusetts customers we maintain an automated loading facility on Foundry Street in the town of Palmer supplying Premium #2 Heating Oil and Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene.


Federal Street, Belchertown

On Federal Street (Route 9) in Belchertown we maintain this automated loading facility to provide Premium #2 Heating Oil to our Hampshire & Franklin county customers.